Through Unity, optimized for Google and Apple, ARWAY grants you an Augmented Reality Software Kit to frame the digital world in a few minutes!

We’re powering camera devices with AI to recognize their surroundings for hyper-accurate location apps.

  • Cross platform
  • Persistent
  • Cloud-enabled
  • No Hardware, no Markers

Start building Apps
with ARwayKit

Top layer toolkit

We combine the robustness of mapping technologies for location persistent AR experience (ARkit, ARcore and Microsoft Azure Spatial Anchors), delivered on cross-platforms (Unity today, Unreal, Android Studio or Xcode/Swift soon), to unlock true spatial computing within a single toolkit for iOS, Android and Hololens.

ARwayKit for all

Our developer kit includes:

  1. 1- a mapping App (using any camera),

  2. 2- a Web Studio (no-code Content Management System), and

  3. 3- an SDK for hyper-accurate location (IOS & Android).

1. Real-time Cloud mapping

Under the hood of our ‘Mapping Engine’, we capture unique ‘feature points’ in each camera keyframe and match those features continuously in each frame to estimate the camera position in real-time. These matched feature points are converted into a point cloud map that is stored in our cloud infrastructure.

2. No-code content platform

Create persistence location experience such as indoor navigation, guided tours, treasure hunts and many more with our No-code platform. Scale and manage your application without editing in Unity. AR content can be anchored to any physical locations with a 10x more powerful positioning and navigation solution capable in GPS-denied environments.

3. On-Cloud Localization

During localization, a device sends compressed raw sensor data to the nearest located ‘ARWAY Cloud Service’ which returns the device's local pose in a pre-mapped environment. This approach enables developers to integrate a localization service into their existing apps with minimal coding efforts. It also removes the dependency of writing platform-specific code, supporting WebAR compatibility, out-of-the-box.

// Setup SDK instance
ArwaySDK.Instance.developerToken('Your developer token');

// Request for localization
ArwaySDK.Instance.RequestPose(XRCameraImagePlane, XRCameraIntrinsics);

// Get Pose as translation, rotation and scaling matrix
Matrix4x4 pose = ArwaySDK.Instance.PoseResponse();

Powered by ARwayKit

ARwayKit includes access to a Web Studio (no-code Content Management System), a mapping App (using any camera) and a Unity-based mobile SDK that enables AR content to be pinned to any physical locations.